Astronautical Episode 4 is Finished!!

2016-02-08 18:04:21 by BLARGEN69


Episode 2 of Astronautical is FINISHED!~

At 66 pages, this is by far the longest issue of Astronautical yet, and the length
is probably the standard now for future episodes.

2978253_145497265742_astronautical_episode_4__page_1_by_blargen69-d84x6t6.jpg2978253_145497265743_astronautical_episode_4__page_7_by_blargen69-d86id5q.jpg 2978253_145497265691_astronautical_episode_4__page_20_by_blargen69-d89pfew.jpg 

2978253_145497265412_astronautical_episode_4__page_13_by_blargen69-d887x50.jpg 2978253_145497265361_astronautical_episode_4__page_28_by_blargen69-d8eb4uy.jpg

-After being abducted by aliens Sharon finds herself in a real sticky situation, enslaved
 and put on display the rest of the crew have to do all they can to find and rescue her.

You can find all the pages in either of the links below!!

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Thank you for reading!!!!

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