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Astronautical Episode 5 Weekly Updates!

2016-09-25 11:41:58 by BLARGEN69

Episode 5 of my webcomic is finally here!


-'When an alien creature lands on the outskirts of Sharon and Ace's hometown it quickly becomes a tourist attraction, things fall apart fast and it needs to be dealt with even faster. Thing's aren't gonna be as easy as running and gunning like saving Sharon from Flats' was though... It's gonna take some tricks, and a lot of luck to solve this one without exposing their cover and identity of the crew to the town and humanity at large.'-

This is gonna have a weekly upload schedule, every update will be Friday or Saturday! This is gonna be fun~

So let's get this show started already! Introducing...

Astronautical Episode 5: Close Encounters of the Stupid Kind

2978253_147481811613_astronautical_episode_5__page_1_by_blargen69-dadi7bz.jpg  2978253_147481811541_astronautical_episode_5__page_2_by_blargen69-daexrdb.jpg

2978253_147481811563_astronautical_episode_5__page_3_by_blargen69-dafhacf.jpg  2978253_147481811353_astronautical_episode_5__page_4_by_blargen69-dagaes6.jpg
If you're interested in reading the series you can fnd them all on the site below


And you can now find Astronautical on Tapastic! Be sure to follow if you have an account!~




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